Tuesday, March 21, 2006

blazy lately

i have been blazy (blog lazy) lately...i have a tag from mary jo...i PROMISE to do it tonight or else i give you permission to hit me with a piece of spaghetti lol

this weekend i was super busy with just putzing about!!

friday after work i just relaxed and cleaned some (i am so boring!!)

saturday i went rollerblading with my friend renee on part of Grant's Trail...i slowed her down SO SO much!! i did about 1 1/2 miles one way...walked about a mile back (with no shoes on) and then bladed the last 1/2 mile or so...after that i went to costco...later i went to west county mall & did some shopping -- some new bras, some CDs & DVDs (suncoast & sam goody are closing), a radio for the Y, a pink pair of crocs and a few other various things...

sunday was sunday school (the story of samson & the story of ruth)...then there was a mother's group lunch & meeting -- we talked about nutrition for families...and after that meghan & i went to chesterfield mall! i used my archiver's gift card & bought a few other things -- some croc butter, a new pair of capris, etc...we rode the 2 story carosel! we enjoyed samples at william sonoma lol & each had a cookie & a pretzel...on our way home we stopped at old navy (Ts & sox) and barnes & noble...

life has been its regular busy working self since then...tonight will be my last night coming home right after work -- tomorrow is soup supper & church...thursday is dinner with friends...friday is a crop at julia's


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Mary Jo said...

Slow down a bit, girl! I can't keep up with you :) Wish I could go to Julia's crop Friday :( Oh well, maybe next one!!