Monday, March 06, 2006

fun fun fun

so saturday (after 4 hours sleep at most) afternoon i drove home and took a short nap...when i went out to my car to get ready to babysit i had 4 missed calls & 2 messages -- BOTH kids were sick!! so no babysitting! i took that as a sign, lol, worked on cleaning out the back bedroom and went to bed!

sunday was an EARLY day -- i got meghan at 7:30! we had to get some milk for the was rainy & gloomy yesterday afternoon, so i basically did nothing of value. i did, however, go over to For Keeps Sake and finish up the kits i needed to do for the retreat this coming weekend -- it took me THREE HOURS to finish up 37 kits!!!!

now i am as back to normal as i can be for right and such...but tonight i get to do nothing, so i am very very happy!!!!


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Mary Jo said...

Hey Becky! Just haven't been on the computer this weekend. Congrats on getting your kits done and good luck on teaching next weekend. Wish I could be there!