Thursday, March 02, 2006

busy busy busy

i have just been feeling blazy (blog lazy) lately because i have been SO busy these past few days!!

wednesday was ash wednesday. it was also my super long work day. i worked 6:30 to 6 with an hour break at lunch time. then i went to a soup supper at my church & then to a church service. no ashes placed on my head (i don't know of any Lutheran churches that do this) but a very nice service with communion to help get into the Lenten feel and spirit of things.

today (thursday) was work & such. i started my day with my first shift of work. then i went to the YMCA and did 30 minutes on the exercise bike. i went home & check my online places & took a shower. then i went over to For Keeps Sake to start putting together the kits of my page for the retreat next weekend. i finished 23 (of 60!!) and have a few of the things ready for the other 37 kits. ran home for a super quick lunch and then back to work. it was a trying afternoon. our one little boy was sure using his vocabulary today!! at home mom uses time outs and she says it is really starting to work, too bad we can't do time outs...

tomorrow is work & get ready for the weekend. and it is also the start of the middle school retreat that i guess i need to go to since i am the youthgroup leader. that goes until saturday...and then i babysit on saturday night, too...


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Mary Jo said...

Wow, Becky you are busy!! Good luck with your class next weekend! I wish I could go to the retreat.
p.s. evan loved the dinosaurs!!