Tuesday, November 08, 2011


i have less than 150 pages left in the stephen king novel i have been reading -- "under the dome" -- it is an interesting story about a town trapped under a dome of unknown origin...it is not the typical king novel full of scary clowns or creepy girls...it has been (for the first 900+ pages) about the distrust that can occur in a small town, especially in the wake of a major crisis situation...as usual for  king novel, it is set in maine...seeing as i have family in maine & have been there many times, i recognize some of the town names and some of the dialect and regional terms that are used (do you know what chop suey is in new england?)...

Today I am thankful for the weather -- no matter how severe the changes in St. Louis, we always have the weather that is needed.  God is the ultimate meteorologist...too bad he doesn't tell use the forecast!

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