Monday, November 28, 2011


what a productive day, even though it felt like i completed nothing!  work was quiet, but i finished up the comprehension sheets for the reading program we use...i also did some grading & entering of grades...tomorrow will be a simpler day, too, as in math we have a lot of catching up to do (3 out of 5 kiddos missed last tuesday when there was a test) and then i am in PE with a student -- just need to make sure i dress in warm clothes!!  after work i didn't go to hobby lobby or target like i had hoped to, but i made 2 lunches, got a haircut, made breakfast, and got everything together for mad science this week...what a life!  tomorrow is work & mad science...i am thinking i will go to target on the way home then stop and get dinner...

Today I am thankful for companies that care!  Two emails in the past 3 days stating that items I ordered had shipped (one I just ordered today and it should be here by Friday), I paid of my car, but VW called because I wrote a different amount on the check (written & numerical were different)...good companies make me smile. :)

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