Monday, January 10, 2011

to snow or not to snow...

what will happen?

lots of talk about a bad snowstorm on the way...most are saying 3-6 was spitting some snow today at home...sowing harder at work at the end of the day, but nothing too too major or dangerous driving...

will it or won't it? will there be a snow day or not?

the kiddos were talking snow day superstitions today...wearing your pajamas inside-out or backwards? an orange in the freezer? ice cubes down the toilet? there were A LOT being tossed out there today...have you heard of any? think any will work????


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Tina said...

When I was in school, you would definitely have school if a test was scheduled. If you were going on a field trip or having a class party, school was cancelled for snow. Happened every time or maybe we just thought it did.