Monday, January 24, 2011

Forest of Giving

during the Christmas season we do a "Forest of Giving" at church -- it started as the "Giving Tree" back when i was in high school, but that tree started looking way to charlie brown, so the youth group (which i lead) raised some money and bought some small pencil trees -- it is now the forest of giving...each year we collect toiletries (a lot of hotel size ones), socks, mittens, etc. to donate to a local charity...

this year we donated to the new Ronald McDonald House near St. John's hospital...

our total tally was:
7 hats
19 gloves/mittens
8 scarves
1 scarf/hat/glove set
2 neck warmers
2 baby legwarmers
2o pairs of socks
4 body wash/shower gels
16 bars of soap
5 loofahs
12 toothbrushes
2 bottles of mouthwash
1 tube of toothpaste
23 shampoos
13 conditioners
2 hair brushes
1 big thing of hair elastics
17 lotions
3 deodorants
1 body spray
5 "others" (various samples)


toodles :)

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