Tuesday, January 18, 2011

i love the library!

i love the library (NOT liberry)...i have very find memories of going with my mom & brother and picking out bags full of books. we read all the time & went through books like crazy!! every summer was reading & completing the summer reading program (with cool prizes like pencils & bookmarks). i still love the library, but i do not always like the search of the shelves like i used to, so now i do a lot of requests -- tonight i requested 4 books -- i am 1 of 1 on two of the books, and they are on the shelf at at least one library, so i will have them this weekend...one is a book that is not even out yet, but i am 23 on the list, and it is by a popular writer, so i figure i will have it the first day as the library system will most likely buy 25+ copies...

are you a library fan? did you visit a lot as a child? do you still?


monica said...

I have fond memories of the library too. I do requests also, but it always happens that multiple books come in at once and I can't read them all in 2 weeks. My record is when 5 requests all came in at the same time!

Tina said...

Rick and I love books as evidenced by the number of full bookshelves in our home. Our kids have observed that many of their friends have no books at home. my parents loved to read but we didn't go to the library very often.

Mary Jo said...

LOVE the library!
Best memories from when I was little of going to the library with my dad on Saturdays.
I read so much.
And am often ever reading two or three books at a time!