Wednesday, January 05, 2011

i had an idea for a blog post.

and then i forgot it!!

so, i will just tell you that i have been reading a book series by a st. louis author, heather brewer -- the chronicles of vladimir tod -- it is a vampire series (no, he is not sparkly or imprinting on anyone else) about a teenage boy who is half vampire...full of funny puns...enough "violence" to keep boys involved...enough friendship & emotion to keep the girls who want that involved...i am really enjoying this series!!

so far i have finished the first two -- "eighth grade bites" & "ninth grade slays"...i am reading the 3rd book "tenth grade bleeds" and am looking forward to borrowing & reading the final two ("eleventh grade slays" and "twelfth grade kills")...i will eventually buy them so i can have the complete series in paperback...



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