Sunday, July 26, 2009

so much happening...


house sitting gets kind of boring!! i have been to 1 movie, shopped a couple times, been to 2 crops, been home 2 times, gone out to lunch 2 times and to church 1 time...i have also scrapbooked a lot!! i finished all my pictures from colorado (it was suppose to be a part of my summer book, it ended up being a book all its own!) and i got caught up with my summer album! now i have spain to work on (from 2000) and a trip when danielle, kale, irene and keoki came to st. louis back in 2006!!

i am so bored!! this week is a trip to dobbs to get my oil changed, lunch out, church, and a crop on friday...saturday i will be cleaning up here and then heading home!!!! i hope to go to another movie this week and who knows what else...i know i will take time to read and scrap...what a life!


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