Friday, July 03, 2009

colorado list of days

my week in review (and it ain't over yet!)

** monday - flew into denver, stayed up late talking with my aunt

** tuesday - looked at some photos & ran some errands, stayed up late with my aunt

** wednesday - estes park with my aunt, switched to danielle's place, stayed up late talking with danielle

** thursday - drive up to wyoming, visited the "territorial prison" that is now a museum along with some other buildings from the wild west -- this is the prison where butch cassidy & the sundance kid were! -- stayed up late with danille (pattern perhaps??)

** friday (today) - i think we are going to denver to their science museum and out to lunch...maybe a movie this afternoon??

** saturday (tomorrow) - fly home in the am :( i am already checked in for my flight...

photos coming soon!!


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