Friday, July 10, 2009

so crafty-ness!

recently i did a harry potter and the half-blod prince swap at craftster -- here are the items i crafted! i will post what i received later :)

here is the outside and inside of a wooden "trunk" i painted -- gryffindor colors!
a jar from "honeydukes" -- the candy store in harry potter -- i got this idea from a previous swap i was in -- i filled it with some harry potter candy
a zipper rose, ok, not really a rose...but it is ravenclaw colors, and the person i swapped with likes luna lovegood, so it fits her crazy/silly persona
a cross stitch piece that took forever, and a frame i painted...please disregard any mistakes in the stitching!!!
a charm of felix felicitis....there was also a charm of a memory (silver glitter) in a bottle, but i guess i didn't take a picture of that one!!
luna radish earrings! something the person i was creating for was hoping for! it was fun to string the beads and i have more than enough supplies to make a pair for me.

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Barb said...

you are nuts! Paul said he'd go see the new movie with you!