Monday, July 06, 2009

colorado photo frenzy

my aunt shirley & uncle brian
danielle with shelby
tiny beaded chucks!
uncle brian -- 80 years old!!
aunt shirley and me
out the car window in wyoming
keoki at the prison museum -- "i don't wanna leave prison!"
an inmate from the territorial prison in laramie, wyoming
window at the church at the heritage museum the prison is a part of
a trunk -- or a treasure chest to an almost 4 year-old!
madeline & keoki
the THIRD rainbow of my trip!
aunt shirley & uncle brian
shelby -- is he cute or what???
keoki donating to help the animals -- it would roar when you put coins in -- he loved it!


Monica said...

looks like you had a fun trip!

Danielle said...

well atleats there is one good picture of me in here:) Loved having ya here..some back SOON!