Thursday, April 24, 2008

SE recap!


i will post quite a few photos!

the classes were great (for the most part) -- Jenni Bowlin is the most wonderful person i met there; vanessa hudson's class was so cool & i love her way of making scrapping fun & easier; gretchen's class was cool - i just need to journal & i will be done!!; i love the book we did with angelia (again, just journaling plus embellishing); the plaque we made in monique's class is a cute way of using acrylic albums; wilna was AWESOME -- she is so sweet & the project idea is way cool; heidi swapp -- NOT my fave, no matter what people want to believe!  i love (most of) her products, and the idea of what we did was cool, but to have the crappy rubons that are out in her name in the kit -- and admit they suck??  she needs to not have those in there -- there are other brands that DO work OR just use letter stickers or some other form of lettering!!  plus, she used "retard" and "retarded" to describe something and i HATE those words -- she basically turned me off to what a "wonderful person" everyone swoons over...


on saturday we had this SNL (saturday night layouts) event -- it was the first time they did it & the concept is a neat & unique one, but it just did NOT work as they wanted it to!!

sunday, after the SE event, we went to classes at a LSS in nashville by Debby Schuh!  they were AWESOME!!  both classes were unique takes on things i have done, but it was cool to see new ideas and ways of doing something similar to what has been done before!

100_0763 fire nipples!100_0760 jenni bowlin & i!100_0789 barb & karin (barb sent to her)100_0790 karin & me (she sent to me!)100_0791 michelle & i (who i sent to)100_0806 catherine 100_0867 special k, debby, & i 100_0869 the STL five!

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