Saturday, April 12, 2008

Cutting it close!!

almost 11:30 PM, and i need to get a post in!!  i am trying to keep up with my own challenge -- which will be hard in less than a week in nashville when i will be so busy i don't think i will have a lot of time to post!

today i was at a crop with my friends!  i got a ton done -- 11 pages!!  last night was a crop at FKS and i got 4 pages done!  but now it is no scrapping for me until i am back from nashville!!

tomorrow is sunday school and then youthgroup!!  i told them lunch & meeting and then a surprise activity -- not sure what it will be, lol!  i think we may be going to the art museum or some other fun thing in forest park -- it will depend on the weather and how the girls are doing!  if nothing else, we'll go bowling, lol

toodles for now!

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