Saturday, February 16, 2008

tiring day!

yesterday (a friday!) i was in bed and asleep by 10!! what a life i lead! LOL

today i have been so busy, but it is good -- i ran a bunch of errands (bought 2 baby gifts and the lobster claws i needed for my charms for a swap i am in), finished all the laundry, worked on the charms for the swap, and started (almost completed!) creating a gift for a friend ;)

my fingers are sore from the charms! i am wrapping wire around the piece i inked & stamped and then adding the lobster claw clasp -- i have poked myself more than a few times, and once i even bled (but not to worry, i did not bleed on any of the charms!) -- i am completely done with 15 out of 82 -- they are inked, stamped, wired, and bagged with a label! the rest of the charms are inked, about 60 more are stamped as well...18% completely done!

that's what's happening in my life...

toodles from a rainy st. louis!

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