Tuesday, February 02, 2010

bad start

so i was going to post every day in february -- and i missed the first! oh my!! i will try and make up for it & have 2 posts today...

but i am issuing a challenge to my blog readers who also have a blog! post everyday in february (or 28 times if you missed yesterday) and i will hold a drawing from among whoever does (comment on this post if you plan to try, and make sure your blog link is in there, i will have a post later this month to comment on that i will use for the prize draw)...not sure what the prize will be, it may depend on who's name i pick!

are you up to the challenge??



Paula - Buenos Aires said...

~~~waving madly at screen~~~

Good to see you in cyber space. :D

During January most people in my country is away on hols, so February is really the start of the year and March the 1st even more, as that is when school starts.

I´m up for posting every day on February. We´ll cheer for each other. :D

Have fun posting. :)

Barb said...

Ok.....I took the challenge. Will try to keep up...you might need to remind me! Enjoy when you do post so often!