Tuesday, February 02, 2010

february 2

february is going to be a busy month for me -- work, practicum, mad science, yearbook, soup suppers, church, power hour, cropping...hopefully i will have some good stories to blog!!

one thing i really like about february is that lent begins -- i can start the Easter stories in power hour! i love all the Easter stories & crafts that are available...maybe not as much as the Christmas ones, but i love them none the less...

another thing i like is the humor of groundhogs day -- see his shadow, 6 more weeks of winter...doesn't see his shadow, spring will be here in a month and a half -- DUH people! but it is always funny to see a marmot in a top hat, lol...

enjoy the month!!

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Mary Jo said...

I need to get some good craft suggestions from you. I am teaching Children's Liturgy at my church but the activities they provide are coloring sheets! :0(