Sunday, January 31, 2010

20 days...

oops again! i am pretty much a failure at that better blogger thing right now...maybe february will be a blog every day challenge for me!

this month has been hectic -- mad science has started up again, practicum, helping with the yearbook, babysitting, church things, more cropping...

had a house party and tried digiorno pizzas with renee & dan -- they are some tasty pizzas!!!

been trying to read a lot...right now i am reading "the lovely bones" -- i am undecided on going to see the movie, but i may once it is at the cheap show here...i have "the christmas sweater" waiting to be read and "the chestnut king" as well...i also have a stack of book from a scholastic book sale (the flyer kind) to be read still -- $60 is a lot of books from a book order!

this weekend started out kind of relaxing, but some issues have arisen that i am not a part of other than to be with one of the people so she doesn't have to deal with things that are not her problem...oy!

so, tomorrow should be another post -- think i can make a month of posts?????



Tina said...

You can do it, Becky. And know I will be checking on you. Tina

Monica said...

I was ready to give up on checking for new posts, but now I'll check every day!