Monday, November 30, 2009

flu misting my life...

i should be able to better keep up this blogging thing now -- they say it takes 21 days to create a habit...and i only missed 1 out of the habit may now be here!!

today i was lucky enough to get the H1N1 vaccine at work -- it was the mist version -- i was really up in the air about this because i think a lot of the hype is people being paranoid with this flu...however, i work with students with poor immune systems as it is, and if i got sick (but not bad) or came to work while contagious, i would feel awful for getting one of the kiddos sick. so, i bucked up and snorted some live virus up my nose...the mist vaccine feels SO weird! but i survived (so far) and so did the other students and staff that received it...

do you vaccinate for the flu? just seasonal? are you worried about the H1N1?

a flu-free toodles to all!

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Mary Jo said...

I'm planning on having the kids vaccinated but the pediatrician wants them to have the shot and not the live vaccine (mist)
In fact, Evan is supposed to be getting it at school tomorrow. I'm a little nervous about that because he is not good about getting shots at all!