Sunday, November 01, 2009

since then...

since my last post:

  • taught powerhour
  • went to the dentist (getting a tooth pulled this week)
  • taught mad science
  • got a hair cut
  • assisted with a mad science class
  • had to deal with a flat tire
  • babysat
  • cropped with friends & some cows
  • worked a bunch
  • taught mad science (again!)
  • was unable to get a flu shot
  • got a flu shot the following day
  • got soaked in the parking lot of costco
  • had a day off
  • ate chinese
  • cropped at For Keeps Sake
  • went to meghan's birthday party
  • went to church
  • taught power hour (again)

i think that is about it!! i am going to attempt to be a better blogger now...but this is a sad time of year for me...i love the holiday season, but i also hate the holiday season...


1 comment:

Mary Jo said...

Are you feeling better?
You are one busy gal these days, becky! :0)