Saturday, December 19, 2009

the best cow ever!!

last night i was regaled with a tale about the best cow ever!!

now, this cow has a wonderful Godmother/aunt who does wonderful things for him...and last night i was privileged to hear the story of the most pleasing performance by a cow in a nativity ever!!

my friend, tina, was telling us about her Godson, johnny, in his christmas play the other day at school -- he is in, johnny is tall for his age, and parts were given out based on who fit in what costume, so johnny was able to be the, some kids would close down and be sad or not want to participate if they are "just" the cow, but not dear johnny...according to tina, johnny knew every song and hand motion, he could have performed the entire play on his own, from what i understand!!

now, the cow was obviously the star of the show this time, not mary the mother of Jesus (she had the audacity to CRY for part of the performance!) or joseph, Jesus' earthly father (he dared to YAWN!)...

i just wish i had seen this best cow ever!!!

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jolson said...

I was one of the lucky few who had front row seats to the St. Albans pre-k Nativity Play. (It helps to know the pope). The cow was by far the star of the show. His singing was that of an angel and his hand motions put any traffic cop to shame! Johnny exclaimed I have the best part in the play, the cow. No, you are a bull, said the father of the little stud.
The director had the good sense to put him front and center on the stage so the wise men and other manger animals knew what to do. Of course Mary was crying--have you given birth on a bed of straw w/ no epidural????
Disney has already contacted the cow to replace Rudolph--red noses are passe.
Humbly Yours,
mother of the cow, oops, bull