Friday, September 12, 2008

My Friend is Running for a Cause

Can you help her out?? This is the e-mail she sent me, and has given me permission to list her name! I hope that some of my friends can help her out! If you decide to donate, please post here as well, and I will do a drawing for a prize!! She did tell me, too, that if you donate, to please include that you are making a donation in the subject line so she can get it from junk mail (if it goes there) easily...

Hello Everyone!

I know I am terrible about keeping up with people, so I apologize for that. Some of you may already know, but I am currently in training for a marathon to help SSM Rehab Foundation. The run is in San Antonio, TX, where it will be a balmy 65 degrees. I would love it if any or all of you could donate financially or for a garage sale that will be held on October 25th.

Fell free to pass this on as well!

There are two ways to donate:
1)By mail, let me know I will send you a form!
2)By going to the link below, putting my name [Renee Crinnion] in the Team Member box when it asks to whom you want to donate.

I want to thank you in advance even if you just read this! If you have any questions, feel free to or shoot me an email (

Thanks, Renee Crinnion

What SSM Rehab Foundation is and does.

SSM Rehab Foundation is a local nonprofit organization that directly supports SSM Rehab, the largest physical rehabilitation provider in the metro St. Louis Region. SSM Rehab Foundation provides funds for programs and services to comfort and care for patients, purchase equipment, and support caregivers. We also help patients already living with financial challenges -- the uninsured, the under-insured, and those on Medicaid -- made only more difficult by accident or illness.

SSM Rehab Foundation supports the entire community that makes up SSM Rehab -- patients, family and friends, and staff.

Some of SSSm Rehab Foundation's programs and services include:

Angel Fund: Home equipment like a tub transfer bench is often necessary before a patient can return home, but oftentimes it can be a financial burden if not covered by insurance. The Angel Fund buys such necessary equipment for patients with financial need.

Caregiver Training Classes: A bimonthly class held in partnership with SSM Home Care that gives family members and other caregivers training on transfers, skin care, home modifications, and more.

Carepages: This web-based service is provided free of charge, and provides an easy and non-intrusive way for families and friends to get updates on their loved one, as well as post messages of support.

Community Care Fund: Created in Fall 2005 in response to changes in Medicaid/Medicare, the Community Care Fund provides outpatient day-hospital and other rehabilitative services to those who would otherwise go without, and for whom outpatient therapy is critical to improving their function and quality of life.

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