Saturday, September 27, 2008

life & times of me....

I am still open to people donating to my friend Renee and doing a drawing!! For every $2 you donate, I will put your name in, and, seeing as no one has donated :( you have a grand chance of winning!! For my scrappy pals, it will be something scrappy -- something new & fun (not quite sure yet!) and for my non-scrappy friends, it will be something cool (like a gift card someplace!)...

you can find all the info here

classes have been tiring -- lots of stuff has been due lately, but i am getting it done & doing well, so i am happy :) just this past thursday i had to do a presentation on a lesson plan, and the teacher wrote "you are a natural" on my paper, so i am super happy about that!! i still have a few biggies left to finish this term, but there are only 3 more weeks of these classes...

danielle had her BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!! she sent me a message with a photo and he is ADORABLE! now i really need to mail that baby book, lol

not much else is new, any local readers can contact me about october 4th at 2 pm -- i get to do a "house party" about clorox green works far only renee is coming, but i am hoping to get a few others :( some things to give out, and all i ask is everyone bring a snack to share :)

have fun & be good!


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