Wednesday, June 21, 2006

some poems...

some poems i wrote back in college (november 1999 to be exact)

A tradition has come to be
For my friends and me.
We meet up and go out for
But not your run of the mill custard,
Frozen custard.
We're goin' through St. Louis
On Old Route 66,
Now called Watson,
And then Chippewa
(at the River Des Peres).
Then we see what we long for --
Our hope while away at college:
Ted Drewes.
Willingly stand in line
For a long time
Just for a little piece of heaven.
But heaven has been renamed:
Fox Treat,
Hawaiian Delight,
Jim White,
Big Apple,
Great Pumpkin,
la creme de la creme,
Creme Bouffe!
Oh joy!
Oh bliss!
Oh shit!
I dripped.
Tea & Hemingway
I painted my fingernails just for you.
I have thirty four colors;
Just a few.
What color do you like?
Just pick one, damn!
You look at me.
I look at you.
I do not know how you see me.
Like tea?
Am I hot and steamy?
Or am I cool and sunny?
How do I taste to you now?
I attempt to read you like a good book.
To me you are a Hemingway tale,
But not the entire story.
I only know the tip of your iceberg.
And I love it.

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