Monday, June 12, 2006

half way through the year...

and hpw are people doing with their new year's resolutions??

here's how i am doing:

spend more time studying the Bible – need to work on!
find better ideas for Sunday School – some, need more to boost attendance
really get the youthgroup moving – working at times
find ways to spread the Word in my everyday life – doing more of
find a better balance to my life – working on it
get organized in all aspects of my life – getting there
make more friends to go out with – getting there
get into a teacher certification program – NOT GONNA HAPPEN
exercise more – yup
eat better – at times
eat less – yes
continue to lose weight – not as much as I would like, but getting there
scrap close to 300 pages – no clue, I haven’t kept track
teach a class at the LSS – in September – 2!!
use my stash without buying a lot – working on it
take a class from Julia – not at the LSS, but I hope to at one of her crops

1 comment:

Mary Jo said...

Yay, for you!!
That's a lot of goals to work on Becky. I can usually only handle one or two at a time :)

See you tonight at the DT meeting :)