Sunday, June 09, 2013

Such fun!

This past week was relaxing & busy & fun & full of new experiences!

Thursday Meghan & I went to the drive-in!!  She did not think she would make it through both movies, but we both did!  First movie was "Epic" -- very cute, nice story that was unique, funny at times, happy at times, just a feel good family movie.  Second movie was "Star Trek Into the Darkness" -- loved it!  I forget how much I do enjoy movies like that.  It made me think of my mom.

Saturday we got up early and went to the St. Louis Zoo!  We were able to see animals we don't always go see (kangaroos, the big cats, etc), but, by the time we were going to go to Penguin & Puffin Cove, the lines were super long!  It was perfect weather for the zoo, so I was glad we had gone early and were able to beat the crowds on a lot of it.  Sad we didn't get to see the penguins or go on the motion simulation ride a second time, but glad we went!

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