Saturday, June 15, 2013

Phinally Photos!

World Aquarium (WA)
St. Louis Zoo (STL)
Color Run (CR)
Me holding a turtle! (WA)
 Me feeding a turtle! (WA)
 Meghan holding a snake!  It might be 2 snakes...I don't remember! (WA)
 Me holding a snake!  At this point I was asking, "Where's its head?" (WA)
 Sea Lion Cove at the zoo -- the sea lion is swimming ABOVE us!  (STL)
 Meghan is almost as tall as a llama (STL) :(
 A butterfly landed on me. :)
 Meghan and her new bestie -- Slothie the sloth! (WA)
 Meghan wanted to brush a goat. (STL)
 Orange Leaf (as usual!) -- this was after the zoo...
 My buddy, Renee, and I BEFORE....(CR)
Can you sweat rainbows? (CR)
...and AFTER!!!

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Mary Jo Rhoda said...

Meghan looks just like her mama! :)