Thursday, September 15, 2011

my wish

i wish that all the people of the world would have the finances to pay their bills and just live.  they do not need new fancy phones or cool cars, but the essentials should be affordable for the situation they are in.  i also wish that finances would be easier to understand and better taught to the young.  i wish there was an easy and legal way to earn extra money when needed (for bills or the extras in life).  i wish i had a rich fairy godmother who would pay my bills (ok, just 1 bill).  anyone out there want to take over?  i hate the feeling of overwhelming sadness when i sit down to pay bills and cannot afford to (when working full time).  God will provide, i know, but it is still a hard row to plow!

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Lisa said...

Oh Becky. I feel the same way sometimes. I just feel like I am getting ahead and here comes something else. It is frusrtating.

And an FY, I have given up on blogging. For the fifth time my blog has disappeared. So, I am done. At least with blogspot. I am looking into alternative. I will let you know if I get something set up.