Tuesday, March 08, 2011

crazy week or so!!

to give you an idea of the past couple weeks...

2/28: no power at work; kids dismissed early; had to take personal time to leave
3/1: work & babysitting some awesome kids (and a cat with tummy troubles!!)
3/2: work, mad science, church...breathing optional!
3/3: work & mad science
3/4: work & driving in to swap my mad science kits
3/5: relaxing...finally!
3/6: power hour & church...
3/7: work & picking up the new headlight assembly for my car
3/8: work...and rain...and an unexpected detour that should last about a month!!

i feel like i am always in my car going somewhere...and nothing seems that close to me...but this week has been pretty positive so far...

hope all is well :)

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