Monday, February 07, 2011


so my check engine light went out today -- and has not come back on -- so i am going to let it go for now...if it comes back on, then i may change my mind!!

this afternoon i went to the library -- returned 8 books and picked up another book & a request list is getting smaller...i have 4 1/2 books to finish reading that are due wednesday, but i am going to renew them so i have time to finish all of them...

this evening i was printing resumes & such for tomorrow -- there are things i need copies of, but i am going to stop by church in the morning to make copies versus using the copier/scanner/printer to make them since that takes so much longer! i have done 25 of each thing so far -- the job fair has 20 listings, but that list is from january 31, so who knows if there will be more or less or whatever!!


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