Sunday, March 08, 2009

last week was nice, but VERY busy....

monday was work & finishing homework for wednesday

tuesday was work & finishing homework for wednesday

wednesday was work & my last class at webster (physically) this semester! yay no more parking nightmare for now!!

thursday was work & then delivering the sunshine albums (going to do more soon!)

friday was work and then cropping -- had a heck of a time getting out when i wanted to, and broke a nail (down far enough to bleed!)...but, it was fun to hang out & crop & celebrate kathy n.'s birthday a week early :)

saturday was scrap shopping & a class with barb & tina -- early morning to get going, then not home until after 9! wow! i was pooped!

today has just been a crabby day and trying to get things tooth is hurting (i called to see about moving my appointment up the other day, she is going to call if a long enough appointent opens up)...oh well! tomorrow is a new day & a new chance for a happy day!

this week we have work 4 days -- friday is the start of spring break!!! woohoo!! i need to clean this week because saturday night is my "sargeto salad finishers" house party! yay!


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missy j said...

Thanks Becky!
Happy Spring break!