Friday, December 12, 2008

woot woot!

i got a letter today in the mail from webster -- my application for "advancement to candidacy" for my MAT has been approved...i turned in the application on the 8th, and the letter is dated the 9th...makes me wonder how close they read the application!!!

in other news, i am about finished with my christmas shopping! i need to do whatever i am going to do about cards, and get presents ready to mail -- eek! i also need to finish creating the presents for my co-workers...i need to finish at least 2 more...

tonight was cropping at archivers -- i finished 4 pages & 8 of the gifts for work...the rest of this weekend is shopping (target tomorrow, i think), cleaning, laundry, & sunday homework! but cleaning is the main one -- the house is a pit!! there is no space to do anything because there is so much crap all over! i have things i need to take downstairs, and things that need to just be put in the correct place (like my clothes so i won't have to live out of laundry baskets, lol)

now to bed!


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