Friday, December 05, 2008

30 minutes 'til i'm 30

seems a little weird...but i am almost 30!

had a fun night at FKS with barb & nancy & tina & kathy & jenn -- missy & terry were working there tonight -- cathi had her hubby's work holiday party tonight :( so i missed seeing her -- barb got me a cake :) -- fun gifts from friends (a fruit stand to hold stamps, BG paper, freckled lemonade glasses, mini album kits, & gift certs for FKS) -- and tomorrow is the "real" day!!

now to bed, so i can go to sleep and sleep in tomorrow :) i need to bake cookies tomorrow & my godparents' party is tomorrow night...

toodles to my last day as a 20-something!

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missy j said...

Happy Birthday girlfriend!