Saturday, May 13, 2006

Today's the Day

Today is the Diabetes Walk...I am excited, but sad...I am excited because I LOVE doing these types of walks...but I am sad because no one signed up to be a part of the team I formed...and I am doing it to honor my mom, so it makes me even sadder to think that others don't can that much (even though I know they do)...

I leave in less than an hour to go walk...I hope that it all goes well -- please keep me in your prayers!

If you would still like to support me, please go to
MY WALK HOME and make a donation...every penny helps, so please do not think that there is an amount too small...I am $40 shy of my personal goal and $740 shy of the team goal (since I am going at it alone)...

well, I must be off to get ready to go!
have a very blessed day!

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Mary Jo said...

Oh I am so sorry to hear this, Becky! I saw your post at the Cottage and kept meaning to check into it. Is it to late?