Tuesday, January 24, 2006

so much to do in the paper crafting world!!

i need some time to scrap!! i have so much i need & want to get done, and no time to do it in :(

i have to finish my class/kit design for the retreat at For Keeps Sake -- i have the paper & embellishments & i know what i want to do, i just need to get my heiny in gear and do it!!

i need to do my design team project for For Keeps Sake as well!! the paper & embellishments i got this month are very cool, i just need to get it done!! i am not even sure what i want to do, lol...

i would also LOVE to get some more pages done from my trip this past summer to Ukraine -- the 3 of us who went are doing a presentation at church on Sunday, so i was hoping to have more pages done for people to look at -- OH WELL!!

AND, i still have a baby album to do for some friends at church!! i have everything i need, i just need to sit down & do it....GRRRRRRRRR


Danielle said...

this would be why I don't crop. Too many pictures, no time to do anything with them!

Christi Snow said...

How are you doing on your list, Becky? It gets to be a bit overwhelming, but you can do it! :)
smiles, Christi