Saturday, June 04, 2011

really...almost a month??

i had high hopes of more posts... :(

the end of the year went fabulously -- parties & meeting CAM JANNSEN of the Blues & movies & fun & waving the kids good bye on the last day!! since the last day was may 27th, it was great to start the summer break with a long weekend, lol, and a holiday!

since school let out i have been to a wedding, had another summer school orientation, taken meghan to the zoo, done a "taste of st. louis", eaten Pappy's BBQ, seen a movie, and celebrated my friend's son, caleb, graduating! woohoo!!

still nothing on the job front :( it is discouraging because i have friends getting interviews & jobs...and i am hearing nothing...but it also gives me hope since there are people getting hired...

look for another post tomorrow (sunday) for the challenge!!!


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