Saturday, October 10, 2009

devil beating his wife?

has anyone else ever heard that saying?? my dad says that when it is rainy & sunny at the same time -- the devil is either beating or spanking his wife! the saying!


Correeni said...

I heard it tonight in nova scotia by my mother for the very first time, who said her mother said it when she was growing up! I HAD to google it! happy showers!

DAVID CLARK said... in southern Louisiana where the Cajuns came from Nova Scotia. This saying must have French Roots. I didn't hear this saying till I moved to southern louisiana.

Howard said...

Grandmother used to say this and her family dated back to the French Protestants who came to America to escape persecution.

Unknown said...

I am from Texas and my grandparents are from Tennessee and I grew up hearing it from both of them.