Saturday, February 21, 2009

savvy saturday....

well, more of a sitting saturday!!

laundry this morning and now i am babysitting...yay! i have been able to get online here, which is always a plus, so i finished some homework and started on some more!

u-verse has been nice so far -- the phone is fine (we still might get our old number back) and the tv is great...but the internet is odd & goes in & out at times, sometimes my laptop won't work, or my dad's pc won't work (and his is hooked up to the modem! it isn't wireless like mine!!), but my brother is coming tomorrow to check it out & we may call at&t about it, too...hopefully we can get it worked out!

not much else has been happening this week -- short week at work, a tooth ache (which is in a tooth that's getting pulled in march), homework, class on wednesday & getting to leave early because i had seen the video last semester...

off to read since the youngin's are sleeping!!!


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Nancy said...

knock on wood, we love our u-verse and so far had no problems.
It took a while to come to are area but it was worth the wait.