Tuesday, October 07, 2008

blah blah blah

i am wiped out, i need a day to sleep, which i think i may get this weekend!!!

this past week was busy with classes and homework and work and cleaning and a green party (well, renee & i had fun, lol)...i babysat friday night, and i may be babysitting on saturday :)

power hour seems to be going well -- i have planned out my stories for the rest of this calendar year, and even some of the crafts :) only one movie day in the works -- the weekend of the FKS retreat!

i didn't make the cut in the jenni bowlin contest, but i am happy with what i created...

i have 4 class times left this term, 2 of each, then i get a week off before starting all over again!! next term is monday & tuesday nights...yay...and my classes seem cool next term -- one i don't need a book for (and we get to do a photo essay!!!) and the other, i have had the teacher and i know we won't be there the full 4 hours every week :)

after this semester, i will have 4 classes left (2 i can take through the community college for less $$) and then practicum & student teaching!! i am praying that i can find a provisionally certified job for next school year...then i get paid while still finishing my certification!!

don't forget to check my last post to donate for my friend renee who is going to be running a marathan for SSM rehab!! so far i have one person in my drawing, so it may well be a big sweep for her!!!

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