Saturday, July 19, 2008

i HATE sears!

we need new "drip pans" for the is a tappan, bought at sears in 1991...looked it up said i could find compatible parts at the local sears appliance outlet/parts store...

i go in, walk around and see stoves, no replacement one offers any help...i see a display of part, nothing i one offers to help me; although two girls - they did not act like women - were sitting at the counter having a conversation...walked back by the stoves...still no help...went back by the parts...FINALLY one of the girls says "can i help you find something"...i show her what i am looking for, her (snotty) reply, "those are in the other room...i think on the back wall" i go to that room...look around to find what i am looking offers of help (with 3-4 employees wandering around)...i find one of what i need (i need 2 different sizes)....i stand there for 5-10 MINUTES looking for the other size...employees help people right next to me, but do not offer to help...FINALLY one person comes to me and says what they have is out and he could assist me in ordering what i need (if they have it available) apology, no nothing...when i say i don't want to pay shipping and that is why i looked online & saw that the store carried them and that is why i came...he only said he could order them...

sears sucks!

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Kirsty Wiseman said...

yeah, Sears soooooo sucks.
We shall shop at Target forever.

Glad you love BG as much as I do :)