Thursday, June 05, 2008

summertime and the living is busy...

it hit 90* today -- the weather guy just said so! glad today was not the day i was at the zoo!!

tuesday meghan & i went to the zoo -- once i upload photos i may post some -- we left my house at about 7:15 AM so we could get free parking on the north lot...went on the motion simulation ride (extreme log flume) 3 times, rode the train around the zoo a couple times, ate junk food, looked at the cool dinosaurs, and rode the 3-d motion simulation ride (dino-island) 4 times!! i had a headache on the drive home!! meghan slept! we left the zoo after 4, so it was a really REALLY long day!

since then i have been running errands and cleaning...eventually my room will be of now, my room is about 1/3 of the way done, i think?!

tomorrow starts work summer school, then next wednesday is my first night class of the summer...of the next 4 weekends, i have 2 sundays free and 1 saturday (i think!!)...

this is going to be a LONG month!

toodles :)

1 comment:

Mary Jo said...

Isn't the weather ridiculous!
Between the heat and rain, I just feel like hiding out inside!
We actually went to the zoo with my brother who was in town last Wednesday. Missed you by a day ;0)