Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ukraine = safe rides??

so i am reading articles on yesterday -- and there is a sad article about 2 people who tragically died after the carousel they were on jumped off the tracks and slammed into a made me re-think the rides we went on last summer!!


a roller coaster where the "seat belt" was a rope that was like a foot long...


a ferris wheel where the "latch" on the side of the car we were in was a rusty chain, and it never stopped -- even for you to get on and off...


the umbrella ride -- i did not go on this, so i am not sure how truly safe it was!!

my favorite line from the article is this -- "Accidents in amusement parks are frequent in Ukraine. Safety rules are often neglected and many rides are not properly checked." -- because it is something i saw with my own eyes!

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Mary Jo said...

So scary!