Monday, January 07, 2008

100 days!

that is all that is left before i head to nashville for Scrap ETC! and i have not even attempted the homework!!!!!! i need to get crackin' because i really want to come home with complete projects, not just half-done things -- i have enough of those already!

other than that countdown -- SUPER busy lately!! even have 2 offers for babysitting on ONE night! sheesh! now to get that all worked out! i am waiting to hear from one, then i can contact the other (again)...

i also have 2 things at the scrapbook store this week, and i need to scrounge up some cashola to pay for the march retreat (which is where the babysitting comes in handy!)...

then on wednesday i have an INTERVIEW for a part time job doing fun science stuff with kids at after school programs and summer camps and such! it would be an awesome opportunity, so i hope and pray it all goes well and i have the chance to have fun!

not much else, so -----------------


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Nancy said...

Becky....lots of good vibes coming your way for the job, hope you get it. Enjoy the count down to Scrap ETC you will have lots of fun.