Thursday, July 29, 2010

Winner, winner, Chicken Dinner!!!

We have a winner on my Wednesday Rain post!!

I put # 1-8 in a random # generator & it spit out #8 -- and the #8 post was from Danielle!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

bargain monday!

REMINDER: go to my Wednesday Rain post & comment for your chance to win!! I will be picking on July 29th around 6pm...

today was full of good bargains for me -- some even more than i expected!!

this is the laptop sleeve i got today at tuesday morning -- it is a case logic that retails for $25 and i got it for $12
here are the books i bought at borders -- both were $7, and i saved 40% on border's coupons!!
free movie rental!! for a week!! from the library ;)
the cool shoes i got at payless! they were on clearance...they rang up $11, but they were in a box marked $7, so she did a price override & i got them for $7!! original price was $20
then i went to office max and got all this and saved $10 with a coupon from my payless receipt!! i need to go back & exchange my post-it tags -- i want the smaller size ones, and thought that is what i had grabbed...oh well!
my savings at old navy! the cami & sweater in the front were regular price, the back 2 (a yellow peasant-type shirt & a corally colored cardigan) were both on clearance...i pulled out my college id because there was a sign up that students & teachers saved 25%...the sign should have been down (it ended yesterday), but they girl still gave me the discount since the sign was up!! woo!!
my free goodies at trader joe's (using a gift card)
food from wapango -- i had a $50 gift card for there that i had gotten free...i wanted to just buy something for dinner tonight, but the guy working was like "you can't have a balance on the gift card, so if you don't use it, then it is lost" i bought three meals!! lunch & dinner for the next couple days, lol...but it smells delicious!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

wednesday rain

i am tired of rain now...i am glad i am not having to water the plants, but storms every day is getting old...i am tired of finding little dirty paw prints, and i am tired of the dish being wonky because it is raining in the next town over (why have dish for tv when everything else is on charter??)....but, what is nice with the dish being weird is that i am getting a lot of movies watched!!

today was a scrappy morning (finished 5 12x12 layouts) and then church in the evening...

tomorrow is going to be more scrappy time & babysitting...

nothing else to report on the home front, so i hope everyone is doing well!!

btw, i think yesterday was my 800th post!! woo!! in honor of that, COMMENT on this post & i will come up with something fun to mail to the winner!!


Tuesday, July 20, 2010


today was another day with mad science -- and i got to play with dry ice!!

the 75 cent word for the dry ice workshop is SUBLIMATION, or the change in the state of matter from a solid to a gas (like dry ice does)...lots of fun watching fog form, watching bubbles come out of a flask, and cooling water with dry ice in hopes of seeing the color change on the special thermalcolor cups we hand out! we also used dry ice to freeze some water & to make loud squeaky noises, lol...

other than that, today started as a super wet morning, and now it is hot & sunny out...i am enjoying the a/c and scrapbooking while watching i am at 3 pages and counting!! i love being this productive, but i certainly miss scrapping with my friends!!

toodles :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

scrappers throwdown!

here is the july sketch & my interpretation of it...another month, another try...not sure i will ever "win," but i also am not in it to win it -- i am not campaigning (i don't think anyone is, but there could be, lol), i usually never vote...oh well! another page done from my trip to yellowstone!

in other news on the home front -- i brought my scrap stuff yesterday -- i have completed 3 jenni bowlin project kits, started another, finished a halloween mini book i started awhile ago (found other pictures to use), and have created 3 12x12 pages! woohoo!!

happy week!

toodles :)

Saturday, July 17, 2010


summer school has ended (yesterday in fact) & now i am house sitting...the dogs are being good & the pond & turtles & fish are all behaving, too :) the next 2 weeks will be full of scrapbooking (probably a lot of the teton trip will get finished) and movies...

in about a month i will be back to work -- happy about that -- i will have 3 days of meetings then i will go onto unpaid leave and be student teaching! i am nervous about the student teaching...not sure if it is the unpaid aspect of it all or not knowing what to expect with the students & teachers i will be working with...but come december, i will be able to start job hunting for a certified position & be back at work where i know everyone and what is happening...i am very happy about that!!!

last weekend i drove to omaha (all by myself!) and had a great time with friends, talking about our dana days and visiting the campus...i did not get to spend as much time with bev as i would have liked, but maybe i will go back again soon :)

other than that, there is not much going on in my life right now...i need to get another link up for my friend lauren -- she just started a blog and is going to be teaching in SUDAN! how exciting!!!

hope everything is looking good :)

Monday, July 05, 2010

sneak peek for a card swap i am in!

i am doing a card swap with some friends (carole, monica, barb, nancy, & tina)...

we had one with a sketch & one with an inspiration photo/ad (you can find these on monica's blog)...

here are mine, all ready to go...

first is the little tag i stamped (stampin' up) for each pair of cards...
all the sets ready to go...
my inspiration photo card -- i loved the pink/brown combo & the triangles of the ice cream cones...used MM pink cosmo paper...
my sketch card...tim holtz stamp, BG porcelain papers...