Monday, May 29, 2006

I'm being BRAVE!

So "My Mind's Eye" scrapbook company -- -- is having a Design Team search. I have not worked too much with their papers, so I took the challenge and created with them, to the specifications for their call. I just emailed in my designs. I would be excited to win, but I won't be upset if I don't make it. It was fun to work with their products. PLUS, I got some pages done!!

Happy Birthday Evan!!!

Today is the 4th birthday of one of the cutest boys I have ever met!! My pal Mary Jo's boy, Evan!!!!

So here's to Evan!!

Friday, May 26, 2006

What does your birthday mean?

Your Birthdate: December 6

You tend to be a the rock in relationships - people depend on you.
Thoughtful and caring, you often put others needs first.
You aren't content to help those you know... you want to give to the world.
An idealist, you strive for positive change and dream about how much better things could be.

Your strength: Your intuition

Your weakness: You put yourself last

Your power color: Rose

Your power symbol: Cloud

Your power month: June

Monday, May 22, 2006

Tagged by Rita...

That sweetie Rita tagged me -- so here ya' go!

Seven things to do before I die:
1. Visit all 50 states and all 7 continents
2. Find a man who loves me for ME
3. Stay in touch with friends for life
4. Attend a taping of the “Oprah” show when it is her "Favorite Things"
5. Attend a Hollywood premiere
6. Find a job I love and can stick with until I retire
7. Be published

Seven things I cannot do:
1. Swim
2. Fit in a single digit size
3. Drive a stick shift
4. Gymnastics
5. Find a job
6. Help but cry at certain things
7. Be confident all the time

Seven things that attract me to my husband (or that WILL attract me once I am blessed to find someone):
1. Shares my faith
2. Funny
3. Wants a family/willing to adopt
4. Enjoys my crazy family as much as his
5. Cooks
6. Beautiful eyes
7. Lets me be me

Seven books that I love:
1. The BIBLE (inspired by God)
2. All of the Harry Potter books (JK Rowling)
3. To Kill a Mockingbird (Harper Lee)
4. Love You Forever (Robert Munch)
5. Angels & Demons (Dan Brown)
6. Left Behind Books (Jerry B. Jenkins & Tim LaHaye)
7. The Giving Tree (Dr. Seuss)

Seven things that I say:
1. You need to be more respectful.
2. Charge it!
3. I need pictures.
4. Same old, same old.
5. I want to go do something.
6. I need to get that done soon.
7. I'll e-mail you.

Seven movies I've loved:
1. Harry Potter
2. An American Tale
3. Princess Diaries
4. Monsters, Inc.
5. The Breakfast Club
6. Finding Neverland
7. Miracle on 34th Street (new)

Seven blogs I'm gonna tag: Julia, Danielle, Mark, Lynne, Janet, Mallory, Gretchen

Sunday, May 21, 2006

The DaVinci Code

the movie is GOOD! ignore the critics & GO SEE IT!!

it followed the book pretty well -- the riddles and such were word for word from the book...the ending was different, just a little, but it was needed to keep the movie at 2 1/2 hours (which it did not seem like at all!!)

go see the movie -- just remember it is FICTION!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

my lucky day!

i found a LUCKY penny today walking out of the YMCA!!!

brand spankin' new (2006), shiny, heads up!! WOOHOO!!

so i picked up my lucky penny & put it in my pocket (my mom would have told me to put it in my shoe, but i was wearin' my crocs, so it wouldn't have lasted)

i will keep you posted on any lucky developments :)

have a lucky penny day!

jobs are crazy....

my friend mark (MDiv) has no call for a job as a pastor :( i am very sad for him. he will do AWESOME, so if you know of an ELCA church looking for a pastor -- tell them to look for mark!

i am still searching for my new job...there are no jobs for me out there...i don't know if i am too picky or what!! i asked yesterday at my interview about year-round possibilities and the lady told me more would be coming up soon on their website, but they don't have year-round camp i checked the site today & applied for one that just came up! it is for a Membership Development Manager position which helps the troops get going in schools & helps the people who are running the troops...and it is in jefferson county, which is super close to me, so it would be awesome to do! AND, depending on if i get a camp position, i would offer to start before or after camp if they want me to have the camp experience to talk about...

my dad doesn't think the camp job is right for me -- not enough money, etc -- which i know, but i need SOMETHING, unless someone out there is going to finance me while i search for a job!!


Monday, May 15, 2006

more waiting

so i had an interview this morning. it is for a summer camp job with the Girl Scouts. i think it would be uber fun! however, it is just for the summer...and the pay is not as much as i would we will see...the lady who interviewed me, jennifer, was super nice & said she would let me know by the end of the week, so hopefully i will know soon!! in the meantime, i will still be looking in hopes of finding something fulltime/year round

thats the job update...


Saturday, May 13, 2006

Today's the Day

Today is the Diabetes Walk...I am excited, but sad...I am excited because I LOVE doing these types of walks...but I am sad because no one signed up to be a part of the team I formed...and I am doing it to honor my mom, so it makes me even sadder to think that others don't can that much (even though I know they do)...

I leave in less than an hour to go walk...I hope that it all goes well -- please keep me in your prayers!

If you would still like to support me, please go to
MY WALK HOME and make a donation...every penny helps, so please do not think that there is an amount too small...I am $40 shy of my personal goal and $740 shy of the team goal (since I am going at it alone)...

well, I must be off to get ready to go!
have a very blessed day!

Friday, May 12, 2006

a couple fun quizes

You Are a Buttered Popcorn Jelly Bean

You have a strong, distinct flavor that makes you quite controversial. Some people love you, others wish you would disappear forever.

Your Summer Ride is a Mini Cooper

You are all about unique, one of a kind adventures.
The only thing predictable about your summer is that it's unpredictable!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

looking & waiting

so i have been fervently searching for a new job...sent out 8 resumes via email yesterday and did one online application...

i am waiting now for a woman to call to do a "phone interview"...then i have someone else calling me tonight about a different position...i would be very happy if one of these worked out! i hate job hunts, so i would be happy to have found one so quickly! but we will see!!!


Sunday, May 07, 2006

long week

it has been a long week since i posted...

tuesday: worked & now know i will no longer have a job come may 26th (last day of school) -- i started a job search that night...

wednesday: worked my AM shift, "sick" the rest of the & Bible study that night -- very cool in Bible study because we are starting a new push for outreach with our church! WOO HOO!!

thursday: worked...same old same old kind of day...

friday: no school in the district i am in, so it was a special day...i called in sick because i no longer feel much loyalty to my job -- the kids i am with on a regular basis, YES, i am loyal to them & i will miss them...the administrative beaurocracy, NOPE, no loyalty left for them at all...

saturday: National Scrapbook Day -- no scrapping done :( -- i did laundry & some cleaning...

sunday (today :) ): sunday school, then meghan & i went to chevy's for lunch -- a new one opened right by my house, so we are happy...after that just hanging out at home & doing not much of anything...

this week is going to be the same old same old just about everyday...tuesday is a design team meeting at For Keeps Sake, so that will be fun to have something new too work with :)


Monday, May 01, 2006


i just won a card contest over at! woohoo!!

here are my winning cards