Sunday, January 31, 2010

20 days...

oops again! i am pretty much a failure at that better blogger thing right now...maybe february will be a blog every day challenge for me!

this month has been hectic -- mad science has started up again, practicum, helping with the yearbook, babysitting, church things, more cropping...

had a house party and tried digiorno pizzas with renee & dan -- they are some tasty pizzas!!!

been trying to read a lot...right now i am reading "the lovely bones" -- i am undecided on going to see the movie, but i may once it is at the cheap show here...i have "the christmas sweater" waiting to be read and "the chestnut king" as well...i also have a stack of book from a scholastic book sale (the flyer kind) to be read still -- $60 is a lot of books from a book order!

this weekend started out kind of relaxing, but some issues have arisen that i am not a part of other than to be with one of the people so she doesn't have to deal with things that are not her problem...oy!

so, tomorrow should be another post -- think i can make a month of posts?????


Monday, January 11, 2010


well i am not living up to my goal of being a better blogger...sometimes i wonder if it is worth it to blog...

this month has already been crazy -- during the first week back to school after winter break -- TWO snow days! it was much needed (everyone was so exhausted!) but that made it pretty hard going back today...and then this week & next are crazy weeks with next monday off & this friday is a 1/2 day...lots of hard work going on these days!!

since the month started i have been cropping 3 times already -- 1 time at FKS and 2 times at friends' houses...1 mini book & about 18 pages so far!! i have been working a lot on christmas pictures (mainly my brother & i while we were growing up)...i have a few more years to finish, and who knows if i will find more christmas pictures during some cleaning & organizing!!!

tomorrow is the meeting for my practicum (observations) and then i will be even more almost finished with my certification, lol...but it works out well because i have a bunch of things to drop off or pick up at webster, so i can do that all before the meeting :)

i really want to go somewhere over spring break, but i need someplace that is cheap to get to and cheap to stay (like at a friend's house, etc) much to consider!! if nothing else, i really want to get in a quick trip to minneapolis or chicago...we shall see!! it just depends on if i can find a travel buddy or 2 for those -- i don't want to travel alone...

that is about it for me...what's new with you???


Friday, January 01, 2010

goals for 20-10

it is now 20-10! happy new year! happy new decade!!

for 2009 my goal was to do more, be more, etc -- i suppose i did, it is not really a measurable goal!!

for 2010 i have a few more "specific" goals...
1. lose weight/get healthy
2. scrap lots
3. travel more
4. finish certification
5. stay positive
6. be a better blogger

let me revisit #2 -- scrap lots -- how specific should i be?? do i want to set a certain number of pages?? let me know what you think in the comments

so, i did keep track this past year what i accomplished scrapping wise -- i did not have a set goal but i am very pleased with my numbers!
  • 32: mini books
  • 281: 12x12 pages
  • 74: 6x6 & 8x8 pages
  • 29: 8.5x11 pages
  • numerous cards, altered objects, etc...
the majority of the finished mini books are going to be donated to children's hospital here in st. louis -- if you would like to create some to donate, just comment with your email address & i will get back to you!!

what sorts of goals do you have for the near year? do you have any decade goals??